Sunday, March 2, 2008

Hippie Chick FUNky art doll magnet

I have these grand plans of doing something different with my art but I always come back to my fun little art dolls. This gal is my hippie chick magnet that I constructed primarily from Kato Polyclay onto a clay canvas. I did several faux paint techniques on the canvas and then embellished to high heaven (as we say in the South) with felt flowers, faux pearls, glass beads, denim, paper, and all natural wool for her hair. Yep, her hair is green. She must have gotten into the pool too soon after a blonde dye job. Yikes.

I absolutely love my little art dolls and I especially like that they are functional pieces of art. She is secured with four magnets on the back of her canvas to ensure that she has a secure hold on your fridge.


Aerten said...

She's adorable! My clay creations are nowhere near as intricate. And now you've given me the itch to go play with clay. :)

TheRagtreeCompany said...

Oh, thanks for the compliment (blush.) Yes! Go get in that clay! I don't know what I would do without it!